Videovoice: Community assessment in post-Katrina New Orleans

May 1, 2015

Videovoice is a health advocacy, promotion, and research method through which people use video cameras as a tool to research issues, communicate knowledge, and advocate for change. This paper explores a videovoice project carried out in post-Katrina New Orleans by a community-university-filmmaker partnership, in which 10 community members participated in an 18-week training and community assessment. The authors describe how the final product (a 22-minute film) successfully communicated knowledge to many audiences (live premier, YouTube, DVD distribution) and mobilized community action on three issues: affordable housing, education, and economic development. The paper concludes by discussing particular challenges of videovoice and the effectiveness of this method as a participatory and equitable research approach.

Catalini, C.E.C.V., Veneziale, A. Campbell, L., Herbst, S., Butler, B., Springgate, B., & Minkler, M. (2012). Videovoice: Community assessment in post-Katrina New Orleans. Health Promotion Practice, 13(1), 18-28. Full Text.

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