Hunter College Presidential Convention 2000: model nominating convention for high school students

March 23, 2015

In January 2000, Hunter College held model Democratic and Republican presidential nominating conventions. The Hunter College Presidential Convention 2000 brought together more than 450 NYC public high school students to assume the role of delegates to the presidential conventions of the two major political parties. Students were assigned to specific states and were accompanied by Social Studies teachers from their home high schools. The students received training in party convention politics by Hunter College students who were prepared to provide this training through a course entitled “”Nominating the President.”” The students took part in all the activities of a political party convention, including proposing and building planks for the national parties platforms that addressed critical issues. These activities led to the nomination of presidential and vice presidential candidates.

The college chose this unique approach to reach out to New York City s youth because of its relevance to the college s immediate goal to cultivate leadership potential among younger populations. Students who participated in Presidential Convention 2000 received valuable lessons in the types of skills verbal, analytic and written that are required of leaders. In addition, students had the opportunity to interact with major political officials from both the Democratic and Republican parties. Presidential Convention 2000 also sought to take advantage of the ethnic and economic diversity of New York City to further an understanding of differences and inclusion among the city s youth.

Presidential Convention 2000 was a unique opportunity for students to learn about and participate in our political system. The event was also an important step in creating significant ties between New York City s public high schools and Hunter. We are pleased to report that this event received excellent press coverage: the Daily News, Newsday, NY1, WLIB, National Public Radio, Voice of America and Radio Liberty covered Presidential Convention 2000.

Hunter College Presidential Elections 2000 web site:

Hunter College - NY, New York
President: DAVID A. CAPUTO
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