Higher Education Intergrating Service Curriculum

February 25, 2015

The original purpose of the Regis Service Learning Project (Massachusetts Campus Compact) was to create rich student learning experiences which helped the application of classroom learning to concrete, real world experiences. In the second year of the project we have been able to collect data using both pre and post surveys concerning students responses and attitudes toward the service learning within a class. The results of the surveys and interviews suggest a consistently positive view of learning through linking community sites and classroom concepts. The student outcomes and written work products reflect in detail this ability to apply what are seen as theories in class. This year several faculty from diverse academic disciplines including Management, Economics, Physical education, Social Work, Theater Arts and Biology are collaborating in planning and in the evaluations of the project.

Out of common interests, an interdisciplinary team of students has developed a range of service projects creating both functional learning within each area and in transfer of knowledge with students from other departments. Thus students in leadership classes worked directly with Biology students in conducting water testing for the Charles River Watershed, Theater Arts students joined with Social Work students to create a peer counseling through a drama project at Plympton Elementary School in Waltham. Education and Physical Education students worked on several school projects including a health and wellness fair. Management students with assistance from members of athletic teams organized an enterprise promoting students with assistance from members of athletic teams organized an enterprise promoting student survival packages for distribution at final exams. The proceeds contributed to fund several local charitable organizations.

Faculty observed students using drama and counseling techniques to support the adjustment of upper elementary students in an urban setting. We observed management students helping to organized data collected by members of a biology class and we observed the leadership and organization skills of campus service organizations. This application of concepts and strategies is well-documented in-group presentations and summary papers.

Regis College - MA, Massachusetts
President: Michael Sheeran
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