Henry Taylor

March 10, 2009

Great keynote speaker. Talked about regional planning and poverty issues

Name: Henry Taylor
Title: Professor
Department: Urban and Regional Planning
Organization: University of Buffalo
Phone: 7168292133
Fax: 7168292713
Email: htaylor@buffalo.edu
Address: 3435 Main St.
Hayes Hall, Rm 201G
Buffalo, NY 14214-3087
Brief Biography:
Professor Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. is a full professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and founding director of the University at Buffalo Center for Urban Studies, an institute that focuses on neighborhood planning and development in distressed communities. Taylor is the editor of three books and a monograph and a forthcoming book on neighborhood development in Havana, Cuba. He has written more than 80 articles, book reviews, commentaries, and technical reports on urban and regional planning, and has appeared on ABC Nightline and been quoted in numerous national publications, including the New York Times, USAToday, and Time. Taylor is primarily interested in neighborhood planning and the development of community participation methods in community design and planning, with a special interest in community participation in brownfield redevelopment. I am particularly interested in service learning programs that are anchored around experiences neighborhood institutions and community groups. This work includes building partnerships within communities and between communities and outside organizations and institutions. The work of my center focuses not only on action research, but also on community and economic development in distressed communities.

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