Hall Council Service Learning Representatives

April 7, 2015

Each of our residence halls has a hall council – or hall student government. One of the positions that almost all of the councils elect is a Service Learning Representative. It’s a volunteer position, and here are some traditional responsibilities:

“”The Service Learning Representatives will be a liaison between XYZ Hall and the Center for Service Learning. The primary responsibilities of the Representative will be to coordinate activities in the hall that will enable residents to become involved in the campus and Bellingham community, and which will provide structured opportunities for residents to volunteer their time. The Service Learning Representative must provide a minimum of two programs per quarter that may include setting up volunteer opportunities or conducting educational programs in the hall or providing educational bulletin boards. This representative will be expected to meet periodically with a liaison in the Center for Service Learning.””

It has given students in the halls a leadership position that focuses on service. It’s set a good example that service is leadership and a characteristic of student governance.


Western Washington University - WA, Washington
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