The Evergreen State College Civic Action Plan

September 25, 2018

Action items to implement Campus Civic Action and Community Based Learning:

  • Collect information to promote existing civic action community partnerships
  • Investigate how to position College to apply for Carnegie Engaged Campus Classification
  • Support curricular commitments to community partnerships, CCBLA and public service in the Academic division
  • Align Campus Civic Action Plan with Equity and Inclusion commitments
  • Integrate Community Based Learning into the Learning and Teaching Commons (LTC) and faculty training, highlighting Gateways and SOS:CCBLA models
  • Monitor and support consistent student preparation to participate in the community
  • Adopt a common vocabulary for Community Based Learning (CBL) and unified vision among various College entities and community partners
  • Create training and support for student reflection at community organizations
  • Increase college level support for community partners that host student participants in community-based learning/internships
  • Design and implement internship field supervisor training with CCBLA, faculty, and Internship Office
  • Develop mutually respectful criteria for campus-community partnerships
  • Obtain periodic feedback from community members educating Evergreen students
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