Environmental Science SL Course: Hydrology

June 21, 2016

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The “OVU EcH2O Water Purification Research Project” will underpin the study of water sciences in this course. Students will study the hydrological cycle, water chemistry, environmental pollution and control, water contamination and methods for water purification. All students will be expected to demonstrate a mastery of all topics through successful completion of quizzes, problem sets, and exams as well as a water purification design assignment.

Table 1 Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Standards Addressed



Articulate the knowledge and skills of contemporary science

NSTA 1.A, 1.B., 1.C., 1.D, and 1.E

Class discussion, peer presentations, and research paper

Quizzes, assignments, tests, rubrics

Relate chemistry and water quality to the community

NSTA 7.A. and 7.B.

Case studies


Maintain a safe learning environment

NSTA 9.A, 9.B., 9.C., and 9.D

Class participation



My goals for the course are for students to:
– Know the hydrological cycle and its role in water availability for existence of life.
– Apply the scientific method for modeling water contamination and decontamination.
– Generate, analyze, interpret, validate and document water and environmental data using the EcH2O water purification technology.

See below for full syllabus:

Environmental Science Hydrology SL Course – Ohio Valley University 2016


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