Distinctive Degree for commitment to service

November 30, 2014

Each year approximately 10 students graduate with that honor, of commitment to service– they sit up front (with other distinctive degree recipients) and wear special cords. The scholars are required to complete 10 credit hours of service- learning classes, 400 hours of service (documented and journaled to the s/l coordinator) and a final Integrative Service Project…The students document the placement and hours so that we can count them. More importantly, the students write their “”thoughts”” about their service: what they felt and thought, how it’s important, what’s frustrating, why it’s needed, etc. Their submissions are read and comments made, prompting them to ponder questions or relate an event. Important criteria for the final project (ISP) are as follows:

1) The student must consult with his or her faculty advisor, service-learning staff, and supervisory committee (most importantly a community partner) to plan the ISP.
2) The project must meet an identified need in the community and respond to the requests of those being served
3) The project should promote self- sufficiency from, as opposed to dependence upon, the service scholar
4) The student must be able to articulate how his/her project allows integration of knowledge with academic work
5) The project must be documented by a written summary (about 5 pages) that will be archived in the Nebbion Center and the Marriott Library.

Bennion Center Service Learning web site

University of Utah - UT, Utah
President: Bernhard Machen
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