Dialogue Resources for Higher Education

Initial curator: Sustained Dialogue Institute Introduction What is dialogue? Dialogue is a process in which groups come together to share experiences around issues that are often avoided or argued toward the goal of informed decision-making. Dialogue involves mutual understanding, suspending judgment and listening deeply, rather than seeking to win.[1] What can it do for my campus? Why consider it as part of my civic action plan? Campuses engaged in dialogue use the tool to engage with diverse viewpoints in true civil discourse. A community that has a high level of dialogue skill creates enhanced experiences in co-curricular life, civic engagement, and curricular environments. Dialogue equips students, faculty and staff with the skills to build shared understanding of challenges, to empathize with experiences very different from one’s own, and to create positive change from collaboration. Dialogue as pedagogy can enhance student learning, feelings of belonging, and skills for a globalized workforce.[2] What can it look like? A co-curricular, sustained program engaging … Continue reading Dialogue Resources for Higher Education