David Donahue

March 10, 2009

Excellent facilitation skills; extremeley knowledgeable about service-learning, civic engagement, civic education, k-12 education, teacher education and teacher prep; Have worked with Dave extensively as a consultant and he is so pleasant to work with; excellent written skills; great ideas about setting up interactive workshops; expertise on human rights issues; experience with writing up case studies of SL work/teaching.

Name: David Donahue
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Education
Organization: Mills College
Phone: 5104303393
Fax: 5104303379
Email: ddonahue@mills.edu
Address: 5000 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94613-1301
Brief Biography:
Dave Donahue, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education at Mills College, Oakland, California, teaches in the secondary teacher credential program. Previously, he was the first director of Mills College's service learning program. Currently, he is a special consultant to the California Campus Compact-Carnegie Foundation Faculty Fellows Program for Service Learning for Political Engagement. In 2005-06, with Nadinne Cruz, he was the facilitator for California Campus Compact's Civic Engagement Forums. His research interests include teacher learning generally and learning from community service and learning to teach reading specifically. He has worked with Amnesty International's Human Rights Education program and the Canadian Human Rights Foundation over the past 15 years, developing and leading training programs on human rights for teachers and activists in the U.S., Canada, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. For the last three years, he has been on the board of directors of Leadership High School, a charter high school in San Francisco recognized for closing the achievement gap.

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