Creating a new Student Council position: Vice President of Service

March 24, 2015

Because LDS Business College is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, service has been an integral part of the College since its inception in 1886. The College performs several service projects every year, projects such as donating blood to local blood banks, tutoring students at a local elementary school, and many others. However, I would like to highlight a specific practice representing a change in student leadership:

Vice President of Service
In 1997, the College decided to create two new positions on the Student Council, increasing the number of student council members from three to five. One of the new positions created was the Vice President of Service. Prior to this change, the Vice President of Activities oversaw the service projects as part of his/her other responsibilities.

By having a student council member to focus on service, the students have had the opportunity to participate in a greater number and a greater variety of service projects throughout the academic year. This past academic year, students participated in a least one major service-oriented project per month, along with many other smaller-scale projects. The Vice President of Service position has been a valuable addition to the College.

LDS Business College - UT, Utah
President: Stephen K. Woodhouse
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