Community Outreach

January 29, 2001

In light of the Jesuit vision of education as transformative of both the individual and society, this class will combine an academic study of the foundations of the contemporary movement toward service learning with direct involvement in the experience of community outreach. We will begin with an examination of varied understandings of education, especially as they reflect on the relationship between the individual and society. After reflecting on the relationship between individualism and community, we will then focus on some of the philosophical and theological roots of community service. We will conclude with a study of some of the critical ethical and moral questions related to the Christian understanding of social justice, including concerns for the more global dimensions. Woven throughout the course will be an emphasis on various skills needed in interacting with others in diverse communities.

1. To analyze the vision of an educated person embodied within the mission statement of Gonzaga University.
2. To help students examine their own philosophies of education especially as they have related to personal responsibility as part of that process.
3. To examine some of the foundational questions related to the development of a service learning model of education.
4. To develop interactive skills needed for working with persons of diverse backgrounds and different value systems.
5. To reflect on the relationship between the individual and society within contemporary American society and in other cultural contexts.
6. To study some of the varied philosophical and theological foundations for an understandings of "Why community service?"
7. To provide students with direct involvement in a specific community service project and accompanying reflective processes to learn from those experiences.

TEXTS: [available in Bookstore]
Gail Albert [ed.], A Service Learning Reader: Reflections and Perspectives on Service, (Raleigh, N.C.: National Society for Experiential Education, 1992.)
+ occasional hand-outs

1. Attendance at all classes, careful preparation of all readings and written assignments and active participation in discussions and presentations. Since this will be taught in a seminar style format with supplementary lecture materials, I have a high level of expectation regarding your involvement. [+20]
2. Choice of a supervised community service project that involves a minimum of 45 hours of commitment. I expect that you will have decided on your placement no later than January 25 and that you will begin work no later than the following week. [+30]
3. Four assigned essays related to readings and lectures. See outline for dates they will be due. [+20]
4. Two sets of interviews related to course materials. (See other sheet.) [+5, +10]
5. A research/reflection project related to your serive option. (See other sheet for specifics.) [+15]
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UNIT ONE: Education and Experience

Thurs., Jan. 18 Introduction and Overview of class; assignments for semester
Assignment: Read Gonzaga's "Mission Statement"; questions and reflection paper related to it.

Tues., Jan 23 Presentation regarding placement options: Sima Thorpe, Coordinator of GU's Volunteer Services; Initial discussion of the "Mission Statement."
Assignment: J. Dewey, "Experience and Thinking," from Democracy and Education, p. 140ff.; decision regarding placements.

Thurs., Jan. 25 Placement decisions
"Mission Statement" [concl]; The Aims of Education
Assignment: P. Freire, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chap. 3, p. 149ff.

Tues., Jan 30 The Vision of Person, The Experience of Education
Assignment: P. Palmer, To Know as We are Known, selections

Thurs., Feb. 1 Implications of the Search for Truth
Assignment: [hand-out] B. O'Donnell, "Paradigms of Justice and Love," Conversations [Spring 1995]; R. Coles, "Community Service Work," Liberal Education, p. 46ff.

Tues., Feb. 6 Service Learning: What is It?
Assignment: Finish interviews

Thurs., Feb. 8 Interviews due; class presentations
Assignment: Essay #1

Tues., Feb. 13 Take-home essay #1 + placement time [no class meeting]
Assignment: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

UNIT TWO: Self Knowledge and Placement Interactions

Thurs., Feb. 15 *Essay due; Personalities and Interaction
Assignment: J. Coles, "Understanding and Confronting our Prejudices," from Filtering People, p. 49ff.; m. Lustig, "Value Difference in Intercultural Communication," from Intercultural Communication: a Reader

Tues., Feb. 20 Dealing with Differences
Assignment: B. Hursh, "Learning through Questioning in Field Programs," p. 121ff.

Thurs., Feb. 22 Learning in and from your Placements
Assignment: R. Bellah, "Finding Oneself," from Habits of the Heart, p. 66ff.

UNIT THREE: Reflections on Self and Society

Tues., Feb. 27 Cultural Comminiques: Messages that Mold Us
Assignment: R. Menchu, I, Rigoberta Menchu [selections]

Thurs., Feb. 29 Guest Panel: Formation of Social Identity
Assignment: C. Ingram, "Diane Nash," from In the Footsteps of Gandhi: Conversations with Spiritual Social Activists, p. 108ff.

Tues., Mar. 5 Two Women Living a Vision
Assignment: Essay #2

Thurs., Mar. 7 Take-home essay #2 + placement time [no class meeting]
Assignment: J. A. Joseph, "Cultivating Compassion," p. 203ff.

Tues., Mar. 19 Essay due; Developing a Compassionate Society?
Assignment: Finish community interviews

Thurs., Mar. 21 Interviews due; class presentation
Assignment: work on placements

Tues., Mar.26 Jewish Roots of Community Service
Assignment: "The Haudenosaunee Address to the Western World," from A Basic Call to Consciousness, p. 177ff.

Thurs., Mar. 28 Native American Roots
Assignment: Denis Edwards, "The Social Structure of Experience of God," in Human Experience of God

Tues., Apr. 2 Christian Roots
Assignment: Essay #3

Thurs., Apr. 4 Take-home essay #3 + placement time [no class meeting]
Assignment: J. Bingham, "Love and Justice," from Courage to Change: An Introduction to the Life and Thought of Reinhold Neibuhr, p.323ff.

UNIT FOUR: Moving Toward a Community of Service and Liberation

Tues., Apr. 9 Essay due; Love and Justice
Assignment: B. Hill, et al., "Contemporary Theological Issues," from Faith, Religion & Theology

Thurs., Apr.11 The Preferential Option for the Poor
Assignment: J. Holland and P. Henriot, "Social Analysis: Tool of Pastoral Action," from Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice

Tues., Apr. 16 Awareness, Skills and Intelligent Change Agents
Assignment: Essay #4

Thurs., Apr. 18 In-class essay #4;
Assignment: as assigned by presenters

Tues., Apr. 23 Student project presentations
Assignment: as assigned by presenters

Thurs., Apr. 25 Student project presentations
Assignment: as assigned by presenters

Tues., Apr. 30 Student project presentations
Assignment: Dawson Church, "From Person to Planet" p. 343ff.

Thurs., May 2 Future directions

School: Gonzaga University
Professor: Dr. Joy Milos, C.S.J
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