Community-based participatory evaluation: The Healthy Start approach

May 1, 2015

This paper presents a community-based participatory evaluation (CBPE) conducted by the Healthy Start project of the Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. (APC), in Augusta, Georgia. CBPE refers to a process in which community members perform an integral function in the design, implementation, and review of assessment procedures, and academic faculty take on the role of external evaluators. The APC’s model for CPBE is presented. Reflecting on this model, the authors argue that it improved the relevance of the evaluation process, and shows promise as a reliable and credible evaluation approach for assessment of health promotion programs.

Braithwaite, R. L., McKenzie, R. D., Pruitt, V., Holden, K. B., Aaron, K., & Hollimon, C. (2013). Community-based participatory evaluation: The Healthy Start approach. Health Promotion Practice, 14(2), 213-219. Full Text.

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