Central Connecticut State University Campus-Community Partnerships

April 6, 2015

At CCSU, community involvement is present at all levels and structures of the university. CCSU has a long tradition of campus-community partnerships, which are an integral part of many courses.

Some majors have community-focused internships that are applicable to the students’ program of study. For students in teacher preparation programs, there are unique opportunities for placement in a network of professional development schools. Students in majors other than teacher preparation also complete internships that involve volunteer community service as part of their program preparation. Some of the academic programs that participate are: art, criminal justice/criminology, English, environmental science, geography, political science, social work, sociology, and theater. Recently, the Psychology Department added a requirement for their BA program for students to take two courses that focus on ethical issues and require participation in student and/or community organizations.

Excerpted from Diversity Digest Summer 2001

Central Connecticut State University - CT, Connecticut
President: Richard L. Judd
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