Catholic Imagination SL Course

June 21, 2016

Course Description: This course will offer a multi-disciplinary approach to three primary themes: the practice of serving goodness & beauty of Creation; a practice of mercy; and doing Justice. These not only reflect a sacramental imagination intrinsic to Catholic imagination but also put our faith into action. They are a response to Pope Francis’ call to living this year of 2016 in mercy as a Jubilee year, beginning Dec 8, 2015.


  1. Discuss Catholic concepts of God, creation and sacrament.
  2. Discuss basic Catholic social justice teaching.
  3. Explain selected Catholic phenomena found within history and/or contemporary culture and analyze how this phenomena responds to contemporary issues.
  4. Articulate personal beliefs & actions in light of this study of the Catholic imaginationSee below for full syllabus:

Catholic Imagination SL – Our Lady of the Lake University 2016

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