Case Studies at the 4th ISL Summit – And Hot Tips in the Little Apple

Case Study Overview & Options

Please review one of the following four case studies in advance of the Summit. The title and abstracts appear below. Each title is linked to a longer description. Please read that longer description, and consider: What are the two most effective practices in the case study? What are two areas for improvement?

#1 – Case Study: Changing the Way Change Happens

Shengxiao Yu, Director of Partnerships, GlobeMed

GlobeMed is an education and leadership development organization aimed at encouraging students to think critically about global health and social justice. There are 56 chapters in the GlobeMed network and each chapter is partnered with one grassroots NGO led by local leaders. This case study uses the partnership between GlobeMed at University of Virginia and Build Your Future Today Center in Cambodia to illustrate collaborative global solidarity-building. All areas of GlobeMed’s work is guided by the aim of putting decision-making powers in the hands of the community by understanding privilege in order to reduce barriers and amplify voices.

#2 – Case Study: Growing a Responsible Grassroots Global Service Partnership

Dr. Michael R. Rackett, Assistant Professor, VCU ASPiRE

Ms. Delfena Mitchell, Sandhill Community Coordinator

Since 2014, Virginia Commonwealth University’s ASPiRE living-learning program has been developing a grassroots community engagement partnership in Sandhill Village, Belize, C.A. in accordance with ASPiRE’s mission to increase students’ capacity for creating positive social change and addressing critical social issues, as well as with Fair Trade Learning principles. For two weeks each July, students and community members host a summer camp for children, facilitate intercultural exchange, and engage in local service projects. This case study is designed to foster idea-generation for how small, co-curricular, global service experiences can adhere to best practices, measure impacts, and leverage available technologies.

#3 – Case Study: Establishing effective impact partnerships from a distance

Kelly Kowatch, University of Michigan School of Information, Associate Director of Engaged Learning

The University of Michigan School of Information partners multi-disciplinary student teams with organizations in international settings to work on an information challenge with positive social impact.  This case study presents the successes and challenges of establishing and maintaining an educational and impactful relationship from a distance, for both remote and on-site student engagement.  Participants will learn about and share knowledge and perspective of working with organizations in settings where the functional priorities of the students and staff can be misaligned, which can lend to significant reciprocal learning outcomes or disappointing project failure.

#4 – Case Study: Preparing the Ground: Foundation forSustainable Development’s Approach to Fostering Collaboration and Mutual Learning Between Students and Grassroots Community Partners in Jinja, Uganda

Margaret Nassozi Amanyire, Program Director, FSD Jinja, Uganda

Lisa Kuhn, Executive Director, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)

This case study takes an in-depth look at FSD’s approach to both preparing and supporting students and community partners for successful collaboration on projects that matter to the community. Particular attention will be paid to how FSD builds the capacity of host organizations to effectively deploy and supervise interns, the matching of students with host organizations and families, and the project co-development process that is central to FSD’s model.

And…. Some hot tips on “The Little Apple” – Manhattan, KS: When you leave the conference hotel, if you turn left out the front door, you’ll stroll two pleasant blocks and see AJ’s Pizza on the corner of Poyntz Ave. Turning left up Poyntz will take you past other excellent Manhattan Eateries, including the always-enticing Bourbon & Baker, the expansive Tallgrass Tap House, and the classic Harry’s, among several others. If you have a bit of extra time, check out The Flint Hills Discovery Center across from the conference hotel (be certain to watch the10-minute film), and enjoy a hike on the Konza Prairie, immediately outside of town.

Finally – You heard it here first: K-State’s Staley School of Leadership Studies knows how to host. “Coffee break” Monday afternoon features an ice cream bar. See you there.

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