A State-wide partnership to promote safe and supportive schools

June 23, 2015

Schools continue to be an important context for preventative interventions targeting a range of behavioral problems. This paper describes a statewide initiative that was formed and led through a partnership between Johns Hopkins University, the Maryland State Department of Education, and Sheppard Pratt Health System, which focused on implementing evidence-based practices and conducting prevention research in Maryland public schools. This paper discusses lessons learned from this partnership, and implications for researchers engaged in translational research in school settings.

Bradshaw, C. P., Pas, E. T., Bloom, J., Barrett, S., Hershfeldt, P., Alexander, A., … Leaf, P. J. (2012). A state-wide partnership to promote safe and supportive schools: The PBIS Maryland initiative. Administration & Policy in Mental Health, 39(4), 225-237. Full Text.

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