Principles of community engagement, second edition

August 14, 2015

This 200-page publication is the update of the 1997 report by the CDC entitled Principles of Community Engagement. Although the health challenges faced in 1997 are not very different from today’s issues, the “scope, scale, and urgency of these problems have all sharply increased” (xv). Furthermore, the knowledge supporting community engagement has grown substantially since 1997, as more agencies and organizations are encouraging community engagement and community-engaged research. This second edition contains the following chapters: Community Engagement: Definitions and Organizing Concepts from the Literature 2. Principles of Community Engagement 3. Successful Examples in the Field 4. Managing Organizational Support for Community Engagement 5. Challenges in Improving Community Engagement in Research 6. The Value of Social Networking in Community Engagement 7. Program Evaluation and Evaluating Community Engagement 8. Summary. This publication provides practical guidance for engagement activities and is aimed to advise public health professionals, health care providers, researchers, and community-based leaders and organizations. (2011).

Principles of community engagement, second edition. Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, Community Engagement Key Function Committee Task. NIH Publication June 2011, 1-189. Full Text.

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