Recording: Ethics, Equity, and Online Global Learning: Fair Trade Learning, Virtually

March 30, 2021

On March 22, 2021, the Community-based Global Learning Collaborative hosted Ethics, Equity, and Online Global Learning: Fair Trade Learning, Virtually.

When global education became virtual global education, program decisions impacted communities around the world. Particularly among organizations that have built their program models from community-driven and community-based principles, the move to virtual presented significant questions regarding whether to move forward, and how. Presenters from Amizade, Child Family Health International, and Omprakash shared how they have grappled through these decisions, what they have learned, and how their virtual models align with the ethical practices of Fair Trade Learning. Hear from:

00:00 – Dr. Nora Reynolds introduces the event and panelists

04:25 – Brandon Blache-Cohen, Amizade

20:00 – Willy Oppenheim, Omprakash

32:22 – Jessica Evert, MD, Child Family Health International

43:50 – Q&A

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