Compact Nation Podcast Season 5 Episode 3

Trumpism and Higher Education Eric Mlyn returns to #CompactNationPod to talk with Andrew about the ongoing threat of Trumpism to higher education. Listen in for their reflections on the effect the Trump presidency had on our democracy and the role that higher education leaders might have played by not vocally condemning anti-democratic practices. Plus, we’ve got a lot going on at Campus Compact—hear more about upcoming events you might want to get involved in

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Eric Mlyn
Eric Mlyn is a distinguished faculty fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics and a lecturer at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. He is the founding director of DukeEngage and led that program until July 2019.

Your Hosts

Andrew Seligsohn
Andrew Seligsohn is the current president of Campus Compact and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

Marisol Morales
Marisol Morales is Campus Compact’s vice president for network leadership and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

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