Compact Nation Podcast Season 4 Episode 5

The Rising Generation Speaks: Join Andrew at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate as he speaks to two of Campus Compact’s Newman Civic Fellows, Zaynab Abdi from St. Catherine University and Cameron Conner from Whitman College. Hear more about these two community-committed students and the work they’re doing both locally and globally to tackle wide-ranging issues like girls’ education, disaster relief, voter registration and more. Plus, we discuss how to be thoughtful about celebrating Thanksgiving while acknowledging the complicated history of our country. Then, a Thanksgiving treat: an extra-large conversation about what’s sparking joy for us right now.

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Cameron Conner
Cameron Conner is a Newman Civic Fellow and a Rhetoric Studies and Politics major at Whitman College.  Read more about Cameron >

Zaynab Abdi
Zaynab Abdi is a Newman Civic Fellow and a Political Science, International Relations, and Philosophy major at St. Catherine University. Read more about Zaynab >

Your Hosts

Andrew Seligsohn
Andrew Seligsohn is the current president of Campus Compact and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

Marisol Morales
Marisol Morales is Campus Compact’s vice president for network leadership and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

Emily J. Shields
Emily Shields is the current Iowa Campus Compact executive director, acting director of Minnesota Campus Compact, and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

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