Compact Nation Podcast Season 3 Episode 18

A Macro View of Micro-credentials: This week is all about Campus Compact’s new Community Engagement Professional Credential. First, listen in as Andrew chats with Lina Dostilio, whose work has made substantial contributions to the program. Next, join a conversation with Clayton Hurd, our director of professional learning, and two of the credential pilot program participants. Finally, we stop in pop culture corner to discuss podcasts, TV, and (of course) Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame.

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Lina Dostilio
Lina Dostilio is the Associate Vice Chancellor, Community Engagement and Associate Professor of Practice, School of Education at University of Pittsburgh

Emily Wu
Emily Wu is the Assistant Director of Community Outreach and Project Development and Adjunct Associate Professor of Religion at Dominican University of California

Jason Williams
Jason Williams is an assistant professor of justice studies at Montclair State University

Clayton Hurd
Clayton Hurd is the Director of Professional Learning at Campus Compact

Your Hosts

Andrew Seligsohn
Andrew Seligsohn is the current president of Campus Compact and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

Marisol Morales
Marisol Morales is Campus Compact’s vice president for network leadership and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

Emily J. Shields
Emily Shields is the current Iowa Campus Compact executive director, acting director of Minnesota Campus Compact, and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

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