Compact Nation Podcast: Season 2 Episode 12

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Tune in to this episode of #CompactNationPod for a lively discussion about student workforce development with Compact Nation Podcast co-host Andrew Seligsohn and Paul Markham, founding partner at Sova Solutions. The two discuss Sova Solutions’ work of helping institutions to create clear, supportive pathways for students and finding the balance between comprehensive institutional support and student choice. They also discuss the concept of the “citizen professional” and the importance of viewing students in a holistic way that addresses both preparation for the workforce and their civic lives.  Plus, in pop-culture corner, co-host J.R. Jamison and guest host Josh Todd talk about representation in the media with winter Olympian Adam Rippon and the newly released movie, Black Panther. Listen now and weigh in online using #CompactNationPod.

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Meet the Guest

Paul Markham

Paul Markham is a founding partner at Sova Solutions.

Your Hosts

Josh Todd

Josh Todd is the current Executive Director of Oregon Campus Compact and a#CompactNationPod guest host.

Andrew Seligsohn

Andrew Seligsohn is the current president of Campus Compact and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

Emily J. Shields 

Emily Shields is the current Iowa Campus Compact executive director, and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

J.R. Jamison

J.R. Jamison is the current Indiana Campus Compact executive director, and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

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