Compact Nation Podcast: Season 2 Episode 1

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In the first episode of Season 2, Compact Nation Podcast hosts Emily Shields and J.R. Jamison talk about exciting updates and changes. The episode features an interview with retired Iowa Senator Tom Harkin who talks about his institute at Drake University, how citizens can impact policy, the changes he’s seen in his career and what higher education needs to do now.

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Meet the Guest

Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin is an American politician and author who served as a United States Senator from Iowa from 1985 to 2015. Harkin’s legislative policy priorities have included federal farm policy, civil rights for Americans with disabilities, childhood nutrition and food access, healthcare access and reform, labor issues, and access to and improvement of education. Much of his work is continuing at The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement at Drake University.

Your Hosts

hssept2011-009_2608523Emily J. Shields 

Emily Shields is the current Iowa Campus Compact executive director, and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

J.R.-headshot-3-copy-283x300J.R. Jamison

J.R. Jamison is the current Indiana Campus Compact executive director, and a #CompactNationPod co-host.

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