Partners and Grant Recipients Share Thoughts Ahead of Action Summit on Civic Learning and Student Success Civic Partnership Initiative

October 15, 2015

A consortium of four organizations—Campus Compact, the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), Education Commission of the States (ECS), and Generation Citizen—have selected eight institutions to receive grants to participate in an initiative to advance civic learning and student success across the education continuum.  See what our partners and grant recipients have to say:


“Preparing students to be effective and engaged citizens transcends the domain of one classroom or one subject. It takes a community effort. These grantees recognize the need for this cross-organizational collaboration, and we at Generation Citizen are excited to help support them in cultivating strong partnerships, for the benefit of their students and their communities.” – Sarah Andes, Generation Citizen




“As a Coalition of Institutions committed to developing K-16 partnerships linked to student success and completion this initiative is incredibly important to us. The incredibly high quality of the applications received speaks to the prioritizing of this work around the country. What’s most exciting about this initiative for us is the deliberate involvement of community partners in the conversation.” – Bobbie Laur, CUMU




“The Action Summit provides the opportunity for our collaborative team to engage in action planning that is focused on youth success via youth-driven, community-engaged civic learning, particularly with youth from impoverished and marginalized families and neighborhoods. Using a collaborative and collective impact model that will explore synergistic opportunities for implementation of sustainable programs, it is anticipated that collaborative pilot projects will be developed, with collaborative program evaluation and planning for how to scale up programs to increase the potential for positive impacts and outcomes among youth in our communities. “– Harold R. Keller, Ph.D., Director, Office of Community Engagement & Partnerships, University of South Florida




“We are extremely excited about this opportunity to bring our three higher education institutions together to work with the Cedar Rapids K-12 system. In the changing education environment, we have seen a lot of growth in experiential learning and civic engagement in both our higher education and K-12 systems. We are looking forward to seeing that trend grow to better benefit our students and community.” – Isaiah Corbin, Coordinator of Volunteerism and Service Learning, Mount Mercy University




“MSU Denver is honored to lead this cross-sectoral and highly collaborative team that includes representatives from multiple K-12 schools and districts as well as community-based organizations that share a commitment to youth engagement and civic learning. We are confident that our involvement in the Civic Partnership Initiative will lead to a stronger pipeline of hands-on learning for students in the Denver metropolitan region.” – Mark Potter, Ph.D, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Studies, Metropolitan State University of Denver




“The future success of our region and our state depends in large measure on increasing the number of people who have completed college degrees. We are pleased to be part of this collaborative effort to align resources to meet this objective, and we look forward to working with our partners in the business community, fellow educational institutions, and civic, non-profit and philanthropic organizations across the Great Lakes Bay Region.” – Deb Huntley, provost, Saginaw Valley State University




“The promotion of civic learning in K-12 through postsecondary classrooms is a duty we, as educators, should embrace. With civic and community engagement foundational to the core values of the University of La Verne, we are proud to prepare students to become contributing citizens and leaders.” – Deborah Lieberman, president, University of La Verne

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