Good and Bad Representations of Cooperative Development: The Golden Radiator Awards

Ethical global partnership standards, such as fair trade learning, frequently include attention to representation in partnerships. For educators working with international volunteering, global service-learning, or other forms of global engagement, recruitment materials are the first opportunity to deliberately shape program experience in a manner  that emphasizes strengths and dignity in host communities. For several years, Norway-based Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund has organized the Rusty Radiator and Golden Radiator Awards. It's an awards series emphasizing the best and worst in international development campaigns. Educators interested in global engagement can benefit from the insights in the awards process, and teaching opportunities abound when contrasting the best and worst campaigns in 2015. Here are a few examples, while The Guardian has a more complete story here.

Rusty Radiator Winner - For Stereotype-Inducing Campaign

Golden Radiator Finalists  for The Best Global Development Fundraising Video of the Year

Golden Radiator Winner