Cultural Wealth in Education Abroad: Students of Color Bring Strengths - Video, Discussion

In this joint webinar hosted by The Community-based Global Learning Collaborative (formerly the Globalsl Network) and The Forum on Education Abroad, panelists discussed their work on the article “Coloniality-Decoloniality and Critical Global Citizenship: Identity, Belonging, and Education Abroad” and the Special Issue on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion published by Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad in January 2020. Only four months after the initial publication, the world looks radically different, as barriers to access deepen, borders strengthen, and tired stereotypes resurface. Co-presenters share what their inquiry across multiple institutions revealed about the strengths of under-represented students in education abroad programs, while also exploring what the complexities of student-community interaction, and the vital roles of cultural humility and critical global citizenship have to offer to the current moment.

A conversational video appears below. Here's the article abstract: This article draws on existing literature, a large, multi-institutional dataset, and several case studies to explore two empirical questions: Do students of color (SOC) differ from white students in statistically significant ways in respect to the global learning goal of cultural humility? And what interactive effects do students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, diversity and inclusion advocacy, and diverse community contexts have on one another? We draw on existing literature and quantitative data to demonstrate that SOC tend to bring strengths to global learning experiences. We share several case studies to demonstrate how those strengths may lead to specific alliances regarding justice work in host communities, complicating any conception of students as visitors unattached to local justice struggles. Throughout the article, we draw on current literature and practice to present several questions at the intersections of education abroad, diversity, equity, inclusion, community-based global learning, and critical global citizenship. [embed][/embed]
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