Susan Balog, Northampton Community College

Susan BalogSusan began her studies at NCC as a transfer student in fall 2012. She has always been interested in a service profession and had explored nursing before she settled on a degree in psychology which she received in Jan 2015. In May 2015, Susan will receive a second degree in Secondary Education and will pursue a teaching certification in Earth and Space Science. Her ultimate goal is to help students as an art therapist and with this degree she hopes to have the opportunity to work in the school district, use her creative art skills and move forward with her eventual goal as an art therapist. Susan is a skilled and organized volunteer. She works tirelessly with the Woman’s Resource Center and college groups to create activities to support students’ well-being. Susan is an outstanding student and is a member of the honor society. She is admired and respected by her professors and peers throughout campus. 
-President Mark Erickson, Northampton Community College

I firmly believe that education is the foundation in life; from it, the next generation of leaders emerges. As President of the Education Association on campus, and an active member in Psi Beta – the Psychology Honors Society, I value education and recognize the power of community. Through Psi Beta, I organized and ran an art therapy session during our De-Stress Fest for students during finals week. Through NCC, I also participated in the Science Outreach Program instructing young students in hopes to kindle an understanding and appreciation of anthropology. 
I have volunteered both at the hospital and through Women’s Resources counseling center. There, I spent 200 hours and established their volunteer newsletter. I have tutored afterschool at the local high school and tutored in Anatomy & Physiology on campus. I recently received my Psychology degree at NCC and currently intern through the Luke William Hahn Foundation – assisting in grief counseling for students within their school. I am obtaining my Secondary Education degree through NCC and wish to continue in aiding students in finding their passion and ability. I hope to assist others through their hardships in life as a teacher, and in my future, as an Art Therapist. 
-Susan Balog, Northampton Community College