Satya Sunkavalli, Ivy Tech Community College Northeast

Satya SunkavalliSatya, an international student, has brightened the Northeast region with her passion for inspiring those around her to engage in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Never have the national STEM initiatives had a better advocate! On campus, Satya has been a dedicated student volunteer serving her fellow students as both a Peer Mentor and a Student Government Association Vice President committed to improving and expanding capacity in the aviation maintenance program and working with administration on retention efforts. She has also used her influence on campus to promote community events focused on engaging local youth in science and designing STEM camp experiences for international students. In the community, she dedicates herself to the local Aviation Explorers post with aims to educate minors about aviation and the diverse career opportunities it affords through a variety of different community events. Satya’s enthusiasm brings a much needed spotlight to a thriving industry helping engage those around her for a more STEM-centric campus and community. Ivy Tech Community College Northeast is proud to call her one of their own.
-Jerrilee Mosier, Chancellor

I am an aviation maintenance major going to school to become an FAA certified aircraft mechanic (A&P) and have been an active volunteer on campus and with my local Aviation Explorers Post 2305. Aviation Explorers Post 2305 in mainly focused on educating young adults and informing them about aviation while educating them on the diverse career options within aviation through a variety of community events. I have also been able to work on improving the aviation field by meeting with local legislatures on current legislation affecting the field and use my position on Student Government to advocate for positive improvement to my program while helping plan and coordinate events to raise awareness of the program and its benefits. I’ve also been involved in planning events on campus for the local kids to inspire their love for science and worked with faculty to coordinate STEM camps for international students. Outside of my other volunteer work I am a peer mentor at my school. Being a Peer Mentor gave me an opportunity to better assist students from diverse population. I enjoy solving mathematics problems, and I like to tutor and assist students in my spare time.
-Satya Sunkavalli