Sarah Moses, Adler University

Sarah MosesSarah Moses is a third-year student completing her Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. Sarah’s work includes providing mental health advocacy with the Brandon Marshall Foundation and providing depression screenings in a Chicago neighborhood, advocating for incarcerated men with Tamms Year Ten project, and advocating and educating for gender and sexual minorities in the Dominican Republic. Sarah’s maturity, professionalism, humility, and passion for creating social change is palpable and infectious. Her skills from her prior career as a high school teacher are evident in her ability to engage other students, faculty, and community members in difficult dialogues on privilege, oppression, social structure barriers, and generating ideas focused on solutions and empowerment. One of Sarah’s strongest qualities is her ability to recognize and utilize her own privilege to effect social change. While she could channel her energies into efforts that would personally benefit her and her experiences of marginalization, Sarah remains aware of and engaged in greater disparities than her own. 
-Raymond Crossman, President

I was raised with community engagement as a family value, so contributing alongside the community has always been a part of my identity. During the last year, I have volunteered with the social committee at the Brandon Marshall Foundation, worked on projects at Tamms Year Ten advocating for incarcerated men who have spent time in long-term solitary confinement, and conducted depression screenings in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. Last summer I traveled to the Dominican Republic on a collaborative engagement project between Adler University and Heartland Alliance International. The project required me to learn about the experiences of social inequity from the local gay, transgender and men-who-have-sex-with-men community organizations, build relationships for future collaboration, and provide harm reduction education. Most recently, I have been volunteering at the Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship where I serve as the student representative on the Advisory Board. My work for the Center involves continuing the ideals of Alfred Adler by creating programs that promote mental health for children via changes in school climates and parent education.
-Sarah Moses