Raleigh Jobes, Rogers State University

Austin Italy (2)

Jobes, a fourth year student at Rogers State University, is determined to lead others for the benefit of all. This year he will graduate with a degree in Medical/Molecular Biology, but his passion for social change and involvement is exemplified by his decision to pursue a master’s in sociology. Austin leads by example, energetically and enthusiastically working for the improvement of local communities. He has been an active member of the President’s Leadership Class the past four years, and as President this past year has deepened that organization’s emphasis on community service. This has resulted in increased service to a number of existing community groups (directly addressing important issues), but has also helped prepare future leaders to focus on civic engagement. Austin has consistently demonstrated the potential to make significant contributions in the future while making a real difference today. 
-Larry Rice, President

Growing up in small town rural Oklahoma gave little insight to common problems facing humanity and challenged little the civic moral duties I now fell obligated to. Through various classes, study abroad opportunities, and insightful discussions with professors, the naiveté washed away me eager to help create a brighter future for others. Through my undergraduate career, opportunities arose calling for action which could not be ignored. I appreciate the opportunity to serve as vice president and then president of the President’s Leadership Class (PLC). Leading the way in helping to restructure the PLC, we are now focused on applying students’ time to civic engagement and solving social issues, which not only benefit community members directly, but also expands self-awareness in relation to the community. When discussing and directing volunteer opportunities with the group of 40 students, we are like our own small non-profit organization determined to make a difference. The community, students, and I have benefited from various civic engagements such as creating a Go Green Campaign supplying bikes for students to rent with proceeds donated and ecological initiatives in the community and with the on-campus 100-acre nature conservation, just to name two.  
-Raleigh Jobes