Phillip Malcolm, Washington Adventist University

Phillip MalcolmPhillip Malcolm is a graduating senior at Washington Adventist University majoring in Political Science. Phillip has served in a variety of community and church based outreach initiatives. Most recently, Philip worked at the Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church, Hyattsville, MD helping high school youth become more aware of current social issues and how they can prepare themselves for the transition from high school to college. Philip has performed volunteer work with senior citizens to promote driver safety for drivers over the age of 50. He coordinated national classes to bring awareness to seniors on the changes in driver safety that occur due to changes in vision and reaction time. 
Phillip’s career ambition is to become an attorney and then to become the President of the United States. He worked with D.C. Mayoral Candidate Nestor Djonkam in his 2014 campaign, starting and managing grass roots community organization to bring awareness to the community. In 2014, Phillip also served as Campaign Community Outreach Coordinator for Terrill North’s Montgomery County Council, District 5 campaign. He also worked as a Writing Assistant in the campus Writing Center interacting with students at a professional level, providing them with tutoring in critical writing skills. 
-Weymouth Spence, President

As a student just 15 minutes out of our nation’s capital studying Political Science, this question always baffles me: Why isn’t more done for our communities? There are so many people in need, but not nearly adequate support. Through working as a mentor for high school students and Student Government President, I have been exposed to the reality that our youth are in desperate need of mentoring. As a Deputy Campaign Manager and Community Outreach Coordinator, I have seen the struggle that middle and working class families go through everyday. Working as an intern in the Education and Outreach department at AARP and as a dietary aide in a nursing home has helped me realize that our elderly are in an exigency for love, care, and the assurance that their wisdom is still relevant and wanted. With the skills I have acquired from academics to stepping out into the real world, I dedicate my life to advancing America’s communities and being an agent of positive change that this world so desperately needs. 
-Phillip Malcolm