Morgan Allphin, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College

Morgan AllphinA natural problem-solver, Morgan helps her fellow students navigate challenges other under-represented students face by showing genuine care in honoring individuals and their personal stories. In addition to attaining and maintaining her high GPA, Morgan interns and takes hotline calls with the Anti-Violence Project to empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV- affected persons, providing resources and support to survivors of violence. As a member of our college’s first cadre of Guttman Global Ambassadors, Morgan travelled to Berlin, Germany to explore social issues of refugees, education, and street culture among college-age youth. In all that she does, Morgan reflects deeply about what it takes to create “inclusive communities” everywhere. Her goal is to transfer to a senior college and ultimately become a marriage and family therapist. I have no doubt that she will heal many relationships and strengthen many partnerships along the way to achieving her goals. 
-Scott Evanbeck, President

I don’t believe that honor just comes to a person naturally. You have to incorporate the essence of what honor is in every part of your life. As a Peer Mentor at my college, I communicate and provide fellow students with resources to help bring success and create inclusive communities. Being a part of building a better comprehensive environment for fellow students, for me, exemplifies honor, and has given me the confidence to be engaged with my peers and do more to create an impact in my community. My career goal is ultimately to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. I hope to help others through their challenges, help them discover honor in their commitments and offer them hope in their relationships and lives. This year, I became a Certified Rape Crisis Counselor. Being an advocate for survivors of violence has given me the ability to impact others. I also was selected to serve as a Global Ambassador at Guttman, where I had the opportunity to travel to Berlin and discover the social injustices of another culture and the way these problems are being addressed. Small roles like this are the steps that will help me achieve greatness in my future endeavors. 
-Morgan Allphin