Misty Kennedy, Granite State College

Misty KennedyMisty Kennedy, a student studying Leadership at Granite State College, has made significant contributions through her volunteer, career, and academic pursuits.  Misty’s primary volunteer commitment is with the Nashua Children’s Home, an organization committed to the care, welfare and educational achievement of children and youth.  She works with young women ages 8-12 on problem solving, crafting and personal care and well-being.  Misty also supports former youth-in-care by helping them develop independent living skills, focusing on mapping life-goals, financial planning, and managing household responsibilities. Kennedy and her husband have taken in four homeless youth since retiring from being foster parents in 2007 and continue to be a supportive role model in their lives.  Misty uses many of the leadership skills from her studies, specifically Coaching and Leaderful Practices to develop leadership capacity among the young people she works with, both in her community and within her professional role.  In addition, Kennedy also serves at the Education and Training Partnership at Granite State College, providing training and support for foster and adoptive parents, relative care providers, and DCYF staff.  Misty trains birth parents and youth in the art of sharing their stories.   Misty is truly an exemplary leader through her service and scholarship.
-Todd Leach, President

The vision I have for my life is one that is driven by the desire to help young people dealing with the impact of being removed from their homes. Being a foster care alumna, I possess a unique perspective and tend to connect with these youth. My personal and professional life supports my vision. I volunteer at a local residential program, have taken in homeless youth, and train youth and adults around building advocacy and leadership capacity in young people. Teaching youth skills that we take for granted like how to separate laundry, compare prices, or understand basic hygiene allows me to invest in these young people on a personal level. The time I give will not change policy, legislation, or systems. My hope is to, in some small way, show these youth that although things seem overwhelming and out of control at this moment in time, there is hope. Because I was where you are today, and as long as we can find those areas in our life where you can advocate for yourself and lead others to do the same, there is forward movement and a hope for tomorrow
-Misty Kennedy