Meghan Guilmartin, Franklin Pierce University

Meghan GuilmartinSince the fall of 2011, Meghan has been an active volunteer and leader within the Office of Community Service. She started volunteering with the Humane Society during her freshman year. As a sophomore, she volunteered with both Boynton Buddies as a youth mentor and Senior Computer Tutoring. Throughout her two years at Franklin Pierce, she was a very reliable volunteer. After her sophomore year, Megan was recruited to become a Student Manger in the Office of Community Service, where she coordinated the Boynton Buddies, Jaffrey After School, Kitty Rescue and Adoption, and Senior Computer Tutoring Programs. As a Reading Tutor at Jaffrey Elementary School, she engaged with local children. Throughout her time, Meghan has been a role model to volunteers and staff alike. She always leads by example and honestly cares about making a difference in the world. Whether it is leading a group of volunteers, planning a community service event, tutoring a child at the Jaffrey Grade School, or recognizing students at the annual Community Service Banquet, Meghan has always been there to lend a hand and to give 110% each and every time. She is the definition of volunteer leader. 
-Andrew Card, President

Being able to serve in the community outside of my university for the past few years has truly been a privilege, and has been the highlight of my past few years at Franklin Pierce. The people that I have volunteered with and the organizations and programs that I have volunteered for have been such an inspiration to me. I have volunteered previously for the Monadnock Humane Society and the Senior Computer Tutoring program at my university. I have also been a “Boyton Buddy”, a mentor for a middle school student, since my sophomore year at college, as well as a volunteer at Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Jaffrey New Hampshire. Currently, I am a Boyton Buddy, and I am also a volunteer at the Head Start Program for children in Jaffrey, NH. These wonderful experiences that I have had have given me the hope to work for a non profit organization when I graduate, one that benefits the lives of others.
-Meghan Guilmartin