Marvin Mata, Montgomery College

Marvin MataMarvin Mata is a third year student at Montgomery College where he is an active student leader for issues of college access, affordability, and housing. For the past three years, Marvin has been active in Alternative Breaks as a participant and leader, inspiring many fellow students to become engaged civic leaders. Marvin’s passion for helping others achieve their dreams has led him to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Homeless Resource Day, and several local organizations combating homelessness. Through campus leadership programs, he has helped many other students hone their abilities as organizers and peer mentors. As an inspiring future doctor, Marvin’s desire to address holistic barriers to health and empower others to live their best lives gives him great potential to continue impacting communities in tremendous ways.
-Dr. DeRionne Pollard, President

The most rewarding part of being an active civic leader is making a difference and empowering others to do the same. I am thankful to follow a special mentor who taught me to be more than just a leader by training me to use my talents and skills in the service of my community. I have not only a passion to assist others but also a passion to help others achieve their dreams, which inspires me to achieve mine. That’s why I have participated in Alternative Breaks to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to work with Habitat for Humanity replacing homes lost in the tornado of 2011 and in Washington D.C. focused on immigration, education and opportunity. Through student leadership programs, I have also learned to advocate for my school community and bring social awareness through events on campus. Recently, I joined Maryland student leaders advocating to our state delegates and senators about the importance of continuing current funding for community colleges. I am thankful to serve as a guide to others that will become great leaders, and I hope to continue to use the skills I have gained through the rest of my time in higher education and in my future career.  
-Marvin Mata