Maricarmen Díaz-Gómez, Universidad de Monterrey

Maricarmen Díaz-GómezMaricarmen Díaz-Gómez is an outstanding student of the Surgeon and Obstetrician Degree at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), Mexico. Ms. Díaz Gómez founded and has held the position of president within the student group Proyecta, in which she coordinates other students in the promotion of altruistic blood donation and helps public and private hospitals to keep their blood supply full. She is a committed student and a charismatic leader, her passion and her efforts to accomplish social and health well-being motivate other students to work by her side, making her an accomplished leader in our campus and a role model to her fellow students. She is also in the top ten of her class generation and is a current fellow of our Academic Scholarship of Excellence. 
-President Antonio J. Dieck Assad, Universidad de Monterrey

I consider myself a good student; I have always gone beyond my studies and give the best of me in every class and project. I am convinced that besides cultivating the mind, it is my duty as a student to make the most of every opportunity for personal growth that the university has to offer. I also consider to represent the values of my university, taking every decision and challenges in a responsible manner, with a positive attitude, joy and leadership. 
One of my biggest dreams is to be an inspiration for others, to be able to preach with my actions and help construct a better future. To win the Newman Civic Fellows Award would be a great honor and a big responsibility for me, it would be a chance to motivate other young people like me to be heard and prove the world we can be active change makers in our community. 
-Maricarmen Díaz-Gómez, Universidad de Monterrey