Leah Ferentinos, Binghamton University

Leah Ferentinos is a senior at Binghamton University and an aspiring journalLeah Ferentinos photoist with an exceptional commitment to actively engage in community change. As a McNair Scholar, she has conducted archival research on AIDS Activism and Social Movements in upstate NY in her project titled, “Community Mobilization of a Small Town during the AIDS Epidemic”. She has presented her findings at several conferences and earned the Binghamton University Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Work. Leah was a Production and Research Associate on the upcoming Wild Geese Films documentary about HIV/AIDS in small town America and the local leaders who made a difference in a time of crisis. She has also engaged in international service-learning, led a number of resource drives and fund raisers to help support the local area, and served as a teaching assistant for a Proseminar in Civic Entrepreneurship. As a student leader, Leah worked to build connections between her university and community, and raise awareness of the need for student involvement in local organizations. She is committed to staying involved, and continues to help local organizations dedicated to addressing important social issues like income inequality, improving education, and fighting food insecurity. Leah is an extraordinary example of a civically engaged student leader.  
-Harvey Stenger, President

I’m extremely passionate about addressing social issues through civic engagement and volunteerism. By studying journalism and global studies in my coursework, I aim to use the knowledge I’ve learned in the classroom about social justice, inequality, and human rights and apply these principles to action projects in my community. During my time as the student leader for the Catalysts for Intellectual Capital Pro-Seminar in Civic Entrepreneurship, I put these goals into practice by creating a Social Responsibility in Leadership program for students to create positive change in the community. I focused on service learning and experiential learning practices during my time as the Teaching Assistant for three separate courses, helping students leverage local resources and work in tandem with non-profits and advocacy groups toward a common goal. I believe that giving back should not only be something we do a few times a year, but rather, a part of our daily lives. By staying involved on a regular basis, we can all help make the world a better place.  
-Leah Ferentinos