Kristen Mitchell, Weber State University

Kristen MitchellKristen Mitchell is a celebrated Weber State University undergraduate student who founded and operates a fully qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides shelter for homeless youth. Youth Futures is the first shelter of its kind in the state of Utah, and Ms. Mitchell worked with state legislators to change state law to make it possible to operate a youth shelter in Utah. As a fulltime undergraduate social work major, non-traditional transfer student from a local community college, and mother of teenagers herself, Kristen follows her passion to meet the most basic needs for homeless youth in our community. Her success is the product of personal focus, drive, passion, courage, outstanding leadership and organizational skills. Kristen is commended for her entrepreneurial and socially responsible approach to building the Ogden community’s capacity to meet the needs of homeless youth. Her potential for continuing to create needed political and social change is boundless.
-President Charles A. Wight, Weber State University  

My commitments toward building a better community have been long standing. I have always been a civically engaged citizen and as a student I completed over 2200 hours of service. During the last 6 years, I identified the lack of shelter services for youth and began researching the process for providing this service. I went back to school to obtain the credentials to fulfill this dream. I participated in both the legislative change and the rules writing process to make this shelter possible. I motivated students, faculty and volunteers, as well as, community, foundations and corporations to raise funds, gather donations and spread the word about the new youth shelter. Through, Weber State University, Youth Futures Shelter Home obtained the Hall Endowment for Community Outreach Grant. Youth Futures opened the First Residential Support Temporary Youth Shelter in Utah in February 2015. Youth Futures is registered with the Center for Community Engaged Learning at WSU, which will create service learning positions for students in the future. I am passionate about motivating others to serve their community as a part of becoming a life-long engaged citizen. I look forward to helping many homeless and disadvantaged youth through my new homeless youth shelter.  
-Kristen Mitchell