Khylil Chestnut, Kennesaw State University

Khylil ChestnutKennesaw State University junior Khylil Chestnut is an outstanding example of student leadership and commitment to civic engagement. His commendable engagement in civic leadership and public service is evidenced in the depth and breadth of his curricular and co-curricular activities. Khylil’s involvement includes direct service, civic leadership, and engaged scholarship. He has participated in numerous university initiatives to advance community engagement and regularly serves as a student advocate for diversity and inclusion in our efforts to strengthen community partnerships. Khylil combined his commitment to community impact and academic studies as a 2014 Civic Leadership, Engagement and Research Fellow. Through this KSU undergraduate research program, he supported faculty-led research that explored how workforce skills are developed through service in the community.
In addition to his involvement in university-sponsored programs, Khylil has demonstrated remarkable personal commitment and leadership through volunteer service and internships. He assisted in the organization of campaign events for a gubernatorial candidate, provided leadership for the recruitment, training and coordination for over 20,000 volunteers for an Atlanta-based nonprofit, and garnered support for a city referendum through the collection of 3,000+ citizen signatures. Khylil is an exceptional student leader and reflection of KSU’s commitment to community engagement.
-Daniel Papp, President

Community is a very personal and meaningful concept to me. I believe community engagement is a lifestyle that reflects regular commitment to action. For example, as a student at Kennesaw State University, I have focused on developing a diverse and inclusive community through service on the Cultural and Climate Assessment Task Force. I strongly believe that through diversity, ideas are stronger, and I have encouraged collaborative decision-making in each leadership role I have served in. In volunteer roles ranging from the Vice President of the Student Government Association, an intern at a non-profit that provides meals to underprivileged residents in Atlanta, a member of the President’s Task Force for Community Engagement, or the Vice President for the club gymnastics team, I have led from the inclusive mindset that an idea from all is better than an idea from one. I have led a multitude of groups and have been blessed with the opportunity to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to help influence positive change the lives of others in the future.
-Khylil Chestnut