Kaila Athearn, University of Montana Western

Kaila AthearnKaila Athearn, a senior at the University of Montana Western, is a senator in Student Senate and peer tutor. Kaila’s work on Student Senate has resulted in changes to the by-laws, and helped change the student code of conduct regarding plagiarism. Kaila stands out as a student senator because of her ability to voice the opinion of the minority through her role as a student leader. Kaila also serves as a peer tutor in the learning center working to help students be effective writers. Her involvement on campus has also included president of the Art Club, Historian of the Drama Club, and Vice President of Twisted Ink writing club. Kaila has brought change and vision to all the activities that she has been involved in as a student and has inspired others to get as involved as she has been.  
-Beth Weatherby, Chancellor

Growing up I participated in 4-H and the PEAK Gifted and Talented program. 4-H taught me to care and respect all life and PEAK taught me important life skills on how to help others. I was a counselor for 4-H camp for three years and volunteered at the Family Garden daycare. Doing so allowed me to better understand the difficulties that children face growing up and the adversity that all people in life come across. The ideas instilled in me through these programs followed me throughout my life and into college where I use the skills learned to better the lives of those around me. Whether I am volunteering at the animal shelter, tutoring students in English, or advocating for student’s rights and safety on Student Senate, I strive to help all that I can to ensure a positive life for as many people as I can.  
-Kaila Athearn