Julie Holt, University of South Carolina Upstate

RA Head Shots 2014Julie Holt has an impressive record of involvement in community organizing, social entrepreneurism, and significant efforts to build the capacity of community-based organizations. Her involvement on the USC Upstate campus is evidence of her initiative, motivation, and leadership to contribute to solving social issues and engaging other students in such efforts. Julie has a tremendous record of leadership and dedication to service in making change in organizations and addressing social issues.
-Thomas Moore, Chancellor

Civic engagement and social change has always been a big part of my life. Ever since I can remember I was giving back to the community. I really became serious about civic engagement in high school when I took a Leadership class which was heavily focused on service. It was after this class that I decided to dedicate my life to the social sector and go to college for Nonprofit Business Administration. One of my passions within the social sector is making sure everyone gets their voice, especially young people. I think many times younger people think they don’t have a voice and can’t create social change. I fully believe anyone, no matter what age, can make a difference in the world. They might need certain tools or a platform to express those ideas, but they can make a difference. I want to help create that platform and give young people the tools necessary to make their ideas happen. Social change is a huge part of my life, and I want to make it apart of other young people’s lives as well.
-Julie Holt