Josi Hasenauer, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Josi HasenauerJosie Hasenauer, a senior at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, exhibits outstanding campus and community involvement. She is serving as an AmeriCorps Tutor at Alva Middle School and will become a social sciences teacher after she graduates. She served as an intern for Senator Mike Johanns (Nebraska) in Washington D.C. this past summer and is passionate about investing time in the lives of students. She has adopted the motto of one conversation, one problem, one smile at a time to change the world.
-Janet Cunningham, President

When I was younger I always told my friends and family I was going to be President of the United States. I thought if I was President then I could change the world. I now know I don’t need a title to change the world or a person’s life. What I do everyday on campus, in schools, and in the community is change the world one conversation, one problem, one smile at a time. Through tutoring students at the middle school, I am changing lives of students by encouraging them to believe in themselves, work hard, find value in the little things (even the negatives count), and show them how fun learning can be. I am changing people’s lives by investing my time and energy to support their dreams, see them for who they are, and listen to them. As we develop in this technological age we need to remember that just because we are more technically advanced does not replace the need for relationships with God, family, friends, and people. Not only does it make us emotionally and physically healthy, but also allows us to solve problems by going beyond a single person’s ability.
-Josi Hasenauer