Jeremy Fricke, Wayne State College

Jeremy FrickeJeremy Fricke, a senior at Wayne State College, created a student group to lead the campus in the exploration and greater understanding of religious faiths around the world. The group, The Interfaith Action Group, takes students on field trips to religious sites and brings speakers to campus to address audiences of students, faculty, staff, and community members. The addition of this group on campus has strengthened the dialogue around the concepts of religious diversity. Students are allowed to ask questions to dispel myths and prejudices. The group that is housed in the Multicultural Center on campus is opening doors of understanding and helping students and community members to learn about faith based issues and religious persecution faced by others around the world. 
This work is directly related to Jeremy’s field of study, Human Resources Management. Businesses who appreciate and celebrate a diverse workforce can better prepare themselves for the opportunities of working in today’s economy. Beyond that basis, Jeremy’s work will prepare him to continue his studies as he continues his education at law school or graduate school in the fall. 
-Curt Frye, President

When I decided to go to Wayne State College, I honestly did not realize that I would become so active with civic engagement. My love for interfaith work sprouted when I met many friends of diverse religions and realized that some sort of public understanding was necessary to make everyone’s lives more pleasant. I founded and became president of Wayne State’s first interfaith club, Interfaith Action Group, and have worked over 200 hours to organize and hold many events devoted to raising awareness, tolerance, and understanding of all belief systems through presentations, speakers, and immersive activities. Through the service-learning component of my class on business communication, I was able to assist Wayne’s local historical society by setting up an internship program, and also made the contacts necessary to be able to make sure that it would be well-funded. I have also have had the opportunity to volunteer with the Honors Club, as well as Phi Beta Lambda-Future Business Leaders of America. If one person can make a positive impact, anyone can. I hope that I can be a positive leader and good example as I go on to continue to support interfaith engagement throughout my life.
-Jeremy Fricke