Jelani Moore, Auburn University

Jelani MooreJelani Moore, a third year student at Auburn University, is a student civic leader active in the College of Liberal Arts Living Democracy program. Living Democracy is an opportunity for students to live ten weeks in a rural Alabama community working on collaborative projects with local citizens. Students are required to document their experiences through publishing weekly articles. During his experience in the small town of Elba, Alabama, Jelani produced a wide variety of articles and hosted numerous community projects. Jelani wields an exceptionally creative mind that is capable of evoking passion and excitement for a endless array of projects. His potential for bringing about improvements in the quality of life for marginalized populations, as well as for inspiring others to get involved, is unlimited.
-Jay Gogue, President

I have always been passionate about leading a cause that inspires creative thought and self-expression, so taking advantage of opportunities like Living Democracy is a no brainer. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from community involvement is that when you bring people together, amazing things are bound to happen. To state how many hours of community service work I’ve completed would belittle the cause. Everyday I am of service to my community just as everyday my community is of service to me. The communication skills I have developed while participating in Living Democracy has allowed me to build a strong community among fellow students here in Auburn. I am currently establishing a student organization called People With Opinions, a student club where we discuss issues that affect our society today. This project is one of many that my peers and I are planning for the future. In addition, the writing skills that I developed during my internship have provided me with many opportunities. I have been published in multiple magazines and papers around the Southeastern region of Alabama. It is my honor to use the knowledge I have gained from working with people to contribute to other communities for the remainder of my school career and forward.
-Jelani Moore