Jaelyn Marshall, Southern Vermont College

Jaelyn MarshallJaelyn Marshall, a senior at Southern Vermont College, is a student leader active in Moose Corps Community Service Organization, a student organization that recognizes various needs in the Bennington community and beyond. She is a valued member of the organization not only through leadership skills but in her creativity and spirit in her role as Marketing and Social Media Chair. Southern Vermont College has the kind of personalized educational environment where students can actively make a difference and Jaelyn is certainly one who takes that role seriously. She serves as a role model for others and we are proud of her.  
-President David Evans

I enjoy participating in community service because I like the feeling of giving back and not expecting anything in return. It always puts a smile on my face and it is a good feeling to be counted on. It is great to know that I made an impact, whether they remember my name or not. Knowing I was a helpful servant with a happy heart is enough for me. I like to do outdoors environmental projects because it makes me feel healthy when the earth is healthy. I also enjoyed working with the BART Center at the No Limits Bike Ride and helping athletes reach their goals.
-Jaelyn Marshall