Hannah Kearns, University of Vermont

Hannah KearnsHannah Kearns, a second year student at the University of Vermont, leads her fellow students in becoming informed and engaged citizens both on- and off-campus. As the Student Program Director of the Dewey House for Community Engagement, a Residential Learning Community, she educates first and second year residents about a different social justice issue each month. With themes such as political voice and healthcare, she skillfully partners with community agencies to lead students in understanding diverse issues and taking action on local projects. As the News Editor of the Vermont Cynic Newspaper, a highly regarded student publication, she brings relevant stories to life with a critical perspective. Other students get inspired to get involved in their communities because of Hannah’s influence. 
-President Thomas Sullivan, University of Vermont

At the University of Vermont, I have loved being a part of the Dewey House for Community Engagement, and have had the opportunity to not only work with several community partners in Burlington, but to foster a loving and welcoming community among students in the Dewey House. Through my work as the News Editor for the Vermont Cynic, I have also been able to create change. I feel like writing about and publishing stories regarding topics that directly affect students and their education is an incredibly important, although slightly indirect, step to creating change. One quote that has always resonated with me is said by President Obama. “Change is brought about when ordinary people do extraordinary things.”  
-Hannah Kearns