Erin Hudnall, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Erin HudnallErin’s abilities to set intentional, measurable goals; apply knowledge and research for the betterment of community; use the talents and skills of those around her; inspire a shared vision; and follow through to a successful end product are qualities she possesses that surpass those of her peers. She will undoubtedly live a life in the service of others while advocating for social justice and positive social change. 
Her commitment to service is reflective of her knowledge of the pressures that families struggle with to improve their circumstances. Erin exemplifies true citizenship when she leads her peers to understand the complexity of the social change process and the need for all to play a part in developing healthy communities. Due to her leadership skills, Erin has been successful in her efforts to make a difference. She is a quiet and effective leader who has impacted the campus and local community by her actions. 
-Pamela Balch, President

I grew up in a small town with a strong sense of community that valued civic engagement. Moving on to college provided me with the opportunity to serve a new community while still serving my home community, as well as the ability to link these two communities together. Over six semesters, I have completed over 500 hours of community service in various initiatives. Some of these include a monthly healthy kids initiative in two local elementary schools, leading a service trip to my hometown to renovate a daycare, and education and awareness initiatives to cultivate pride in Appalachian culture. I serve in many service events at home as well, including a faith-based mentoring program and a Christmas project providing gifts to underprivileged families. The most valuable aspect of my community service and leadership experience is passing on my knowledge to help young teens become confident leaders. When I am able to share stories about community change that I am involved in, I can inspire others to work toward continued social change. When I share my knowledge about leadership, I can equip future leaders with the skills needed to impact their own communities and the lives of even younger potential leaders.
-Erin Hudnall