Emma Green, Florida Gulf Coast University

Emma GreenEmmalyn Green, a second year student at Florida Gulf Coast University, is a student leader active in issues of education curriculum. For the past two years she has worked closely with the Lee County School District to bring about educational outreach programs to at-risk schools by developing her own nonprofit organization, Eagles of Tomorrow, which sends Florida Gulf Coast University students into high-risk schools to provide free mentoring and hands-on STEM education lessons. She is a valued contributor to the education in Fort Myers, serving as a Junior Achievement volunteer, tutoring English Language Learners, as well as helping to create a Mini Conference that she now heads, where other students and teachers in the area can expand on their professional development in the field of education. Emmalyn is an exceptionally passionate leader who is capable of helping others find their passions and realize their full potential while inspiring them to help others to do the same. Her dedication to inspiring and creating opportunities for others is what will allow her to impact the education system we know today into one that is civically minded and guided by passion. 
-Wilson G. Bradshaw, President

My commitment to service is more than a commitment; it’s a lifestyle. During my first two years at FGCU I have served over 600 hours.  Some of my service activities include working with children in local schools as a mentor and tutor, founding and leading the Honors Service committee which provides service opportunities to over 500 honors students, and organizing and participating in a large scale advocacy and fundraising event for The Ocean Conservancy, where a team of runners (that included me) ran a 500+ mile relay to Key West and back: raising over $14,000!   Most recently, I was selected to attend FGCU’s alternative spring break to New Orleans. I have also served overseas. In Brazil I worked with human trafficking victims to provide supplies and resources. In Peru, I worked with special needs children in an orphanage while conducting research.  I currently have an un-paid internship with Farm of the Child, in Honduras, that provides education for orphans. I hope to use my service experiences to create a nonprofit that will go into schools and provide them with opportunities to learn more about civic engagement and discover their passions through service, creating more civically minded individuals.  Creating new initiatives to address these issues, along with creating opportunities for others to get involved will inspire lasting change.  
-Emma Green