Emily Williams, Johnson & Wales University

Emily WilliamsEmily has a deep commitment to issues related to sustainability and preventing sexual violence. She has taken a leadership role in the development of several university study abroad programs focusing on environmental issues, including the creation of a research program on sustainable seafood in Australia and ways to make the dolphin tourism industry in Zanzibar more sustainable. She has used her event planning skills to help initiate a 5K fundraiser for a local sexual abuse and violence prevention agency, as well as to promote and implement a city-wide Earth Day volunteer event. She has started a student sustainability organization on campus, helped begin a local chapter of Hollaback! to prevent sexual violence in public spaces, and works in the University’s Energy Conservation office. She knows the importance of engaging her peers in civic work, and is proactive in looking for ways to equip and empower new leaders. She is involved in educating young children about the environment, and is actively pursuing options for exposing JWU culinary and nutrition students to hands-on sustainability and urban agriculture initiatives.
-Mim Runey, President

Every day I work towards making the world a more mindful place. The potential for effective long-term civic engagement stems from an ability to partner and create spaces in which people are inspired. The success of every project I have been a part of is due to collaboration, creating something that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved. There needs to be an exchange of ideas and feelings and an investment of significant time and resources to cultivate dynamic long-term relationships in our surrounding and global communities. For instance, while visiting Nepal, I spoke at length with the owner of Eco-Foundation about the best practices for volunteerism, and the importance of finding the symbiosis between volunteers feeling fulfilled by the work they are doing, and the work they are doing actually being helpful to those in need.
My strengths lie in the fields of philanthropy, fundraising, and event planning. I enjoy assisting not only with hands on civic engagement, but also creating programs that can entice others to get involved. I am honest about my abilities as an individual, and I am eager to join with people whose skills and passions complement my own. Our shared vision will multiply our impact. 
-Emily Williams